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Digital Forest delivers automated solutions based on the most widely used Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies. We design cloud architectures based on public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as multi-cloud solutions. The automation process may invoke such layers of abstraction as containers and/or virtual machines. Reliability and repeatability of the deployment process is ensured with CI/CD solutions.

Cloud automation and DevOps transformation services

Digital Forest engineers have years of experience working with cloud platforms on projects with various levels of complexity.
Cloud architecture
Software deployment automation
on cloud platforms
Migration to a new cloud
infrastructure or platform
Deployed solutions
support and updating
Cloud architecture design
Digital Forest offers cloud architecture design services at IaaS and PaaS levels.

We assist in integrating both private (OpenStack, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud) and public (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure) clouds, as well as hybrid solutions, that allows for optimal distribution of resources between a private and a public cloud.

In addition, the team has an experience in multi-cloud solutions implementation. Such architecture uses more than one cloud provider, which allows to achieve high platform flexibility and fault tolerance.

Digital Forest provides its customers with cloud platforms installation services. We implement, configure, maintain, upgrade and support such platforms as Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
Software deployment automation on cloud platforms
Digital Forest provides complex software automation services for various cloud platforms. To enable automation our team uses such tools as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet and BOSH.

Our engineers also help reduce the software delivery cycle by building CI/CD pipelines using such tools as Concourse and Jenkins.
Migration to a new cloud infrastructure or platform
The Digital Forest team performs an audit of a possibility and complexity of business processes and software migration to a new cloud infrastructure or platform.

We create and record procedures of migration from one cloud solution to another in order to automate this process to the maximum.
Deployed solutions support and updating
Digital Forest engineers provide support and updating for deployed solutions. This service includes:

  • Automatic procedures setup for deployed software updating
  • Implementation of IaaS-, PaaS- and application-level monitoring systems, like Zabbix
  • Automation scripts updating
  • Implementation and configuration of the logging system: ELK
Related services
Our expertise
The Digital Forest team has a broad expertise in cloud technologies and professionally operates the following tools

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Advantages of cloud technologies
Cloud infrastructures can be easily scaled up or down depending on your current workloads. That helps to reduce costs during low workloads and to avoid system overloads when traffic is high.
Business continuity
Integration of solutions that provide cloud distribution allows to ensure error-free and persistable application operation. Such solutions and approaches ensure the continuity of the services provided in the cloud and make your business processes even more reliable.
Saving resources
Resources saving is achieved through an effective use of computing resources, which allows to reduce the amount of hardware resources and automate business processes.
Use cases
Digital Forest employees have implemented over 30 projects related to different levels of cloud platforms.
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