Advanced opportunities for healthcare with Blockchain

Blockchain innovates healthcare industry by providing companies with a high level of trust, security, and what is more important, allows to drastically reduce a chance for human error
Blockchain advantages for healthcare

High quality work processes is a main focus of every organization. When it comes to healthcare, quality requirements are even more vital. Blockchain technology can bring fundamental changes that will immediately improve medical industry.
Data integrity
One of the main blockchain characteristics is data integrity. Anything recorded in the ledger can never be deleted. This allows to keep all the data immutable for medical purposes.
Blockchain network allows to introduce automatic data access rules, which grant and(or) limit this access in accordance with varios events.
The trust inside a blockchain network is provided by a decentralized nature of blockchain and its consensus algorithms. Basing on these algorithms, decisions to include data in the network or grant access to it are made.
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Areas of application
Electronic health records
Blockchain is perfectly applicable for storage and management of electronic health records and patient health information.

Blockchain-based solutions provide easily-accessible and complete version of a health record, ensure data safety and integrity, and help to facilitate medical audits. Data encryption provides privacy and safety for the records.
Data collection and management
Healthcare industry is using a big number of smart medical devices, which constantly collect and monitor various information. Blockchain provides constant monitoring of such devices, which almost certainly excludes any manipulations with them.
Drugs supply chain management
The pharmaceutical industry has a need to prevent fake drugs and gain confidence among the consumers. Blockchain upgrades the traceability of a drug in a supply chain helping to verify its authenticity. Introducing a possibility to track drug route at every step: from a manufacturer to a consumer, blockchain-based solutions can help exclude fake drugs from the market and also prevent theft and losses.
Health insurance claims
Blockchain has been already successfully implemented in insurance business and health insurance is not an exception. It helps to reduce turnaround time for claim payouts automating processes with the help of smart contracts. Enabling health insurance claims on an immutable ledger, companies can eliminate fraud risks.
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