Tokenomics development

Development of tokenized economic models for blockchain platforms

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A set of economic rules and models, that support a token-based project economy
Economic model
A formalized description of economic variables and processes


Being a digital obligation, a token can be classified as:
Crypto money
An alternative to traditional money.
Utility token
Used as a blockchain system "fuel" and ensures its operability.
Security token
A digital asset, which has a legal backing in a real, non-digital world
Asset-backed token
A digital guaranty for a real product or service
If a project lacks tokenomics, which is transparent and clear for investors and users, such project is most likely to fail.


Digital Forest provides services for economic models development and implementation
Economic model development

Development of an effective and comprehensive economic model for your project. While creating tokenomics for you, Digital Forest designs the principles of its operation and develops functional description of smart contracts that work with project tokens.
Audit and adjustment of existing models
Audit of existing tokenomics models, stress testing, optimizing the workflow and eliminating discovered issues.
Smart contracts development

Development of smart contracts that enable technical implementation of the project's tokenomics model.
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