Creating trust-based future

Development of technological solutions that create equal, trust-based conditions for the participants of a new decentralized economy

Development of Ethereum smart contracts (Solidity)

A smart contract is a computer algorithm designed for conclusion and execution of traditional commercial agreements on blockchain.
Smart contracts define in code and automate execution of the obligations the parties have committed to in a commercial agreement. The subject matter of such agreement may be a cryptocurrency, a digital asset, or digital rights to physical goods.
A smart contract runs on a decentralized platform and executes automatically when triggered by predetermined conditions — which means that, once published, such contract will exist and self-execute for as long as the platform itself exists. DigitalForest offers development of smart contracts for today's most popular decentralized platform — Ethereum — in the Solidity programming language.
Smart contract development services
Smart contract
architecture design

Development of smart
contract applications

Audit of existing
smart contracts
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Development of economic models for blockchain

An economic model is a formalized description of economic variables and processes.
Development of a smart contract is effectively a question of programming skills and understanding the architecture of decentralized platforms.
Development of an economic model underpinning application of smart contracts is much more difficult. Only an efficient, well-thought-out economic model can determine the value of blockchain and bring a blockchain-led business idea to success.
DigitalForest helps companies conceive, validate, and polish the economic models for smart contracts and blockchain.
Economic model development services
Development of an economic model from scratch
Audit and adjustment of existing models
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Cloud automation
(clouds, CI/CD)

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing resources that can be provisioned and deprovisioned in a most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
DigitalForest delivers automated solutions based on the most widely used Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies, including MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. We design cloud architectures based on public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as multi-cloud solutions like AWS + GCP. The automation process may invoke such layers of abstraction as containers and/or virtual machines. Reliability and repeatability of the deployment process is ensured with CI/CD solutions, such as Concourse and Jenkins.
Cloud automation services
Deployment automation (VMs, containers)
Multi-cloud solutions design
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Online and offline training in blockchain and cryptoeconomics

An investment in education pays the best interest.
Everyone around is talking about blockchain and cryptoeconomics, but only few really get the hang of it. DigitalForest offers educational programs, training courses, and consulting sessions to help you and your employees learn what lies behind (and beyond) the blockchain hype. The training is delivered in the form of webinars, online and offline training courses, and Q&A sessions.
Blockchain and cryptoeconomics training services
Online training
Offline events
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