Transforming shipping logistics with blockchain

Transparency and secure architecture of blockchain solutions allow to fundamentally transform a logistics industry and provide new opportunities for transport companies.
Logistics industry challenges
Multi-stage transportation chains
Goods delivery is a rather complex, multi-stage process. Currently, most logistics companies don't have enough access to information about a current delivery stage, goods location, or clearance stage. Lack of knowledge leads to significant delays in transportation and substantially increases financial risks.
Lack of transparency
Some parties of a logistics industry experience challenges accessing data about a current location of a cargo and a clearance stage. On the other hand, such transparency is often available to parties who should have no or limited and temporary access.
Areas of application
Reducing delivery time
Blockchain solutions allow you to speed up arrangement of documents required for goods transportation. Automation of preparation of transport invoices, accounting documentation, and other accompanying documents significantly reduces the delivery time.
Blockchain platforms provide authorized participants of the logistics process with effective instruments for transportation stages and cargo control.
Blockchain based platforms provide permissioned access to data. The access depend on the participant role, geographical location and other factors. This allows you to significantly increase the safety of cargo transportation and reduce the level of errors and potential fraud.
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Companies that already use blockchain for logistics purposes
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