Blockchain solutions for the logistics industry

Transparency and security of blockchain solutions allow to fundamentally transform the logistics industry and provide new business development opportunities for all the participants of a logistics process
Logistics industry challenges
Low profitability
Low profitability of freight transportation due to insufficient optimization
Revenue losses caused by poor control of cargo delivery regulations compliance
Low speed
Time-consuming work with various documentation
Low transparency
Decrease in profitability and safety due to a lack of control of cargo location tracking
Blockchain implementation stages
Analysis and preparation for the implementation of the most efficient solution for your business
Full-cycle development
Development of enterprise logistics solutions based on private blockchain platforms by a dedicated development team
Professional support of
developed solutions
Solutions for logistics industry
Reducing time for documents processing and delivery
Blockchain solutions allow you to speed up issuing documents required for cargo transportation. Automation of preparation of transport invoices, accounting documentation, and other accompanying documents significantly reduces the delivery time.
Quality and supply efficiency control
Blockchain platforms provide authorized participants of the logistics process with effective instruments for cargo and transportation stage control. Tracking information, collected from various IoT devices, and storing it in a trusted and immutable source helps to ensure quality control of delivered goods.
Transparency and information accessibility
Blockchain-based platforms provide free access to data based on granted rights, which depend on the participant role, geographical location and other factors. This allows you to significantly increase the safety of cargo transportation and reduce the number of errors and potential fraud, as well as cuts the need of involvement of third parties.
Insurance claims processing automation
Integration of logistics platforms with blockchain-backed insurance systems allows carriers to reduce time for insurance claims settlements. A process of insurance policies issue and a procedure of compensation payments is greatly simplified through the use of smart contracts.
Examples of blockchain systems for the logistics industry
A system for collecting, storing and managing data from IoT devices
A system collects information from various devices installed on a vehicle, container or cargo. Information about location, temperature, humidity, etc. is streamed into a blockchain system, where any changes are carefully monitored. This allows you to quickly respond to a problem, as well as to trace any deviations that occur during transportation.
Documentation digitalization
Such system combines numerous documents from various supply chain participants into a single blockchain-backed database. Participants get direct access to necessary documentation, which significantly reduces the time of various operations.
A system for issuing and processing letters of credit
A three-party blockchain system for issuing and processing letters of credit allows sellers, buyers and banks to quickly settle transactions and be confident, that agreed conditions of goods delivery and payment can be completely fulfilled. Smart contracts operating inside the system allow to automate the process of determining a fact of contract terms fulfillment.
Implemented projects
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