Digital Transformation

A comprehensive strategy for business digitalization
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Digital Forest develops roadmaps and professional guidelines for any business to assist in transforming the corporate idea of a success.

Digital Transformation roadmap

A successful digital transformation starts with a well-thought and prudent roadmap. On the way to digitizing business, Digital Forest recommends to take the following steps:

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Digital Transformation services

DevOps automation

Digital Forest delivers automated solutions based on the most widely used Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies.
Cloud architecture design

Digital Forest offers cloud architecture design services at IaaS and PaaS levels.

We assist in integrating both private and public clouds, as well as hybrid solutions, that allows for optimal distribution of resources between a private and a public cloud.
Software deployment automation on cloud platforms
Digital Forest provides complex software automation services for various cloud platforms to make sure the software is always shipped with no flaws or delays.
Migration to a new cloud infrastructure or platform
The Digital Forest team performs an audit of a possibility and complexity of business processes and software migration to a new cloud infrastructure or platform.

We create and record procedures of migration from one cloud solution to another in order to automate this process to the maximum.
Deployed solutions support and updating

Digital Forest engineers provide support and updating for deployed solutions. This service includes automatic procedures setup, implementation of monitoring systems, automation scripts updating, as well as implementation and configuration of a logging system.

Software development services

Digital Forest engineers develop full-scale software products for various industries. The team engineers core products, functional modules, tools, adapters, plug-ins, and etc. In addition, Digital Forest offers re-architecturing and re-engineering services.

The team works with the following languages:

Blockchain integration

Digital Forest implements permissioned distributed ledgers and blockchains with Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Quorum frameworks. We help to bring companies the smooth shift towards new advanced technologies by taking care of enablement, maintenance, and support.

Blockchain development services include:
Use cases
Digital Forest employees have implemented over 30 projects related to different levels of cloud platforms.
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