Hyperledger Fabric Training
Professional training course
Digital Forest presents a deep dive Hyperledger Fabric training for developers and DevOps engineers
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Digital Forest, Belarus Blockchain Technology Association member, develops and holds various blockchain workshops and masterclasses.

The classes will cover the possibilities of business transformation with the help of blockchain, the technology influence on work processes, as well as deep Hyperledger overview and practical tasks.
Training schedule
Day 1
During day 1 we cover blockchain technology and Hyperledger basics, as well as get to know how to start own blockchain project and learn about Chaincode.
  • Blockchain basics
  • Public and Private blockchains
Hyperledger family overview
  • DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technology): Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Iroha.
  • Tools: Hyperledger Caliper, Hyperledger Explorer
Hyperledger Fabric architecture
  • Hyperledger Fabric components and the transaction flow
  • PKI method of securing communications
  • Fabric CA & MSP
  • Fabric Starter for the HLF deployment in a local mode
  • Crypto material. Anatomy of config files
Start an own corporate blockchain project
  • Organization Planning
  • Consortium Planning
  • Channel Planning
  • Prototyping the data sets, the process flow and the chaincode logic
The Chaincode
  • Chaincode anatomy
  • Basic chaincode patterns
  • Chaincode events
  • Cross-channel chaincode interaction
  • Chaincode life-cycle
  • Practice: writing the chaincode in Golang. Supply chain example
  • Debugging the chaincode: best practice
  • Tokens
  • Management Private Data
  • Transcendent Data
Day 2
During the second day we learn about Hyperledger networks and deployment, get a deep dive into blockchain security and privacy and also speak about the most popular blockchain use cases. And, most importantly, get to the practical part of the training.
Application life-cycle management
  • Customize the network
  • Create a new channel
  • Install & instantiate a new chaincode in the channel
  • Modify or upgrade the chaincode
  • Invoke the chaincode from the CLI
  • Configure endorsement policy
Hyperledger Fabric multi-host deployment
Hyperledger Fabric multi-host deployment: Solo-Orderer & Raft
Advanced integration patterns
  • External file storage (IPFS)
  • External key generator (HSM)
  • Hyperledger Caliper tools for the network performance measurement
  • Chaincode interaction with various types of data sources (including ERP and CRM systems)
  • On-chain / off-chain data
  • Push vs. pull scenarios for reading the external data by the chaincode
Cryptography, Privacy, Security and Trust in blockchain systems: deep dive
  • Definitions and protocols
  • Zero knowledge proof (ZKP)
  • Identity mixer (Idemix) implementation for Hyperledger Fabric
  • Scripts for the Idemix customization at the chaincode level
  • Intel SGX solution integrated with Hyperledger Fabric
Use cases
  • IoT and logistic case
  • Token Creation and Exchange
  • Supply chain management
Practical Part
  • HLF deployment on top of AWS
  • High throughput chaincode. Key collision
  • Architecture optimisation
Digital Forest instructors specialize in software development, development of new trends, as well as in finance and economics. Also, our employees have many years of experience in the field of consulting and training.
Kirill Grigorchuk
CEO, Digital Forest
Sergey Stepanov
CTO, Digital Forest
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