Blockchain solutions monitoring with Hyperledger Fabric

Stability control of all the blockchain solution components
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Continuous operation of the IT infrastructure can be achieved through properly selected and configured monitoring solutions. They provide users with timely alerts about issues, which helps prevent system malfunctions.
Monitoring solutions allow users
Build reports
Visualize problems
Define bottlenecks
Receive urgent notifications

Monitoring levels

Monitoring solutions cover all levels of the system:
Physical infrastructure
Containerization level
Application level
Databases and other various components
Blockchain network

Hyperledger Fabric monitoring

Hyperledger Fabric components monitoring and management
Problems identification and
network health support
Blockchain network activity visualization
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Monitoring tools


Prometheus is a tool for event monitoring and alert management. The application writes real-time metrics to the time series database and has a flexible query mechanism and can send alerts in real time.

Prometheus can monitor a wide variety of systems: servers, databases, individual virtual machines, containers and blockchain networks.


ELK is a combination of three systems: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, and as a whole, they are a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing information.

Elasticsearch is a data storage with an integrated search engine.

Logstash is a tool for building, filtering, and then redirecting data to the storage. Its main task is to receive data in any form: from a file, database, logs or information channels. Then, the received information can be modified using filters and sent to any system, in this case, Elasticsearch.

Kibana is an interface for Elasticsearch, which allows you to search and view data in a human-readable form, presented in the form of tables, graphs and charts.

Monitoring panel

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