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Full-scale Cloud Foundry adoption for any business
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Cloud Foundry is a Platform-as-a-Service, which was designed to help developers easily build, deploy, run and scale applications. It brings the opportunity to manage hundreds of applications and always be sure of the business continuity.

Digital Forest engineers have an extensive experience working with open-source Cloud Foundry and its commercial distributions.


Cloud Foundry is a quite mature and growing technology backed by industry leaders in IT and used by over a half of Fortune 500 companies.
Fast production time and improved efficiency
Cloud Foundry platform's features bring a great opportunity for developers teams to increase their productivity. A combination of such attributes as high availability, service quality, operational efficiency, optimized hardware utilization, and vendor lock-in absence contribute to a fast production time and improve efficiency.
Cost saving

Adoption of the Cloud Foundry platform allows for decreasing the software production time from months to weeks or even days. By saving huge amounts of developers time, business owners see a good and quick return on their financial resources. The platform provides companies with business continuity, which helps to prevent any losses.
Business continuity

A finely-tuned platform provides its users with high availability, auto-scaling and load balancing making it resilient and flexible. Integrated and properly configured monitoring solution warns operators about possible issues and helps to prevent them. All these attributes allow you to make sure that your business workflow is always up and running.

Fully-managed Cloud Foundry services

Audit and consulting
Digital Forest teams offers an audit service, which includes:

  • An assessment of currently used solutions and their comparison to Cloud Foundry platform
  • A possibility and complexity of migrating business operations to Cloud Foundry
  • An evaluation of a running platform, the need for its optimization and upgrade
Out team will provide you with a series of consultations to help you and your team adopt the best fitting solution.
Digital Forest engineers will provide you with a full-scale implementation of the Cloud Foundry platform.

The services includes and not limited to:

  • Platform enablement on a required infrastructure
  • Platform tuning based on your needs and load
  • Services and custom integrations enablement
  • High Availability provisioning
  • Integration of logging and monitoring solutions
Providing your platform with continuous delivery will enable your team to ship software faster and reduce the delivery cycle.

Digital Forest team will automate your cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code approach. The automation is achieved with the help of such tools as Terraform, Chef, Ansible, BOSH or Puppet.

Platform and application continuous delivery will be brought by Concourse CI or Jenkins.
Digital Forest offers an infrastructure and platform support service, aimed at maintaining a 24/7 continuity of your business. Our engineers provide hands-on assistance to help maintain the platform and avoid outages, data loss or any performance issues.

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Technology stack
Use cases
Digital Forest employees have implemented over 30 projects related to different levels of cloud platforms.
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