Full-scale Kubernetes implementation

Kubernetes enablement and support services
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Digital Forest team will enable you with a full-scale Kubernetes cluster to introduce a possibility to orchestrate containers fast and easy. Kubernetes gives everyone an opportunity to accelerate a development of applications, delivers them at high velocity and improves DevOps operations.

What you get

As an open-source and backed by a large community tool, Kubernetes is a perfect fit for a business of any size.
Kubernetes provides operators with several scaling options. It gives you a possibility not only for horizontal infrastructure scaling and manual scaling, but also for auto-scaling. Kubernetes can automatically change the number of running containers, based on CPU utilization or other application-provided metrics.
Cost optimization
Isolating containers into packages and allowing them to share the same network connection, OS, and other resources, helps to extremely reduce infrastructure expenditures. In addition, Kubernetes gives engineers a great level of velocity, which contributes to time savings.
Deployment orientation
Kubernetes was specifically designed to ease the deployment process: it allows to speed up software building, testing, and release. Kubernetes offers a number of helpful deployment-oriented features like automated rollouts and rollbacks, canary deployments and support of a great number of programming languages and frameworks.

Fully-managed Kubernetes services

Full-scale Kubernetes implementation
Digital Forest engineers help companies to implement production-level Kubernetes clusters. This service includes the following:

  • Solution architecture design based on the company needs and infrastructure capabilities
  • Kubernetes cluster enablement
  • Solution configuration and day-2 operations
  • High availability and security provisioning
Deployment automation

Digital Forest team setups CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes to:

  • Ease application deployment
  • Simplify a testing process
  • Shorten a software release cycle
Kubernetes maintenance and support
We offer a professional maintenance and support for existing and enabled by us Kubernetes clusters. Digital Forest assists in ongoing cluster operations and consults its customers on various areas.

In addition, our engineers integrate logging and monitoring solutions to ensure the business continuity and prevent any issues.

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Technology stack
Use cases
Digital Forest employees have implemented over 30 projects related to different levels of cloud platforms.
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