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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) enables companies with investments attraction to their project and contributes to its development. Tokens, issued during an ICO, not only enable your product users to apply them within your system, but also trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

ICO stages

ICO launch consists of several preparation stages. They include:
01: Idea preparation

Unique idea is a key to your project success
02: Team acquisition

Large and professional team can help you accelerate ICO launch
03: Competitors research

Analyze the strengths of your competitors and be alert of their mistakes
04: Company registration

Create a legal basis for you ICO
05: Idea description

Prepare a high-quality and "catchy" White Paper
06: Website launch

Create an informative and user-friendly website
07: ICO terms description

Attract investors by providing them with easy terms
08: Social media launch

Social networks will help raise the awareness of your ICO
09: Bounty launch

Create a bounty campaign to provide your ICO with effective PR
10: ICO tracker listing

List you project on ICO trackers to raise the awareness among investors
11: Mass media publications

Publish PR content in industry-specific mass media
12: Advertisement launch

Leverage various marketing tools to attract larger audience
13: Investor's dashboard

Design and develop investor's dashboard to facilitate the fundraising
14: Internationalization

Translate a website, White Paper and other publications to different languages
15: Tokens release

Develop a smart contract of your token
16: ICO launch

Start token sale among investors and your product users


Digital Forest supports companies launching ICO at various stages.
White Paper development
Idea-based product description
Investors tend to estimate the quality of ICO campaign by exploring your White Paper. Digital Forest will prepares high-quality documents, which describe the project idea, its value, demand, and give details of technical implementation and put attention on financial viability of the issued tokens.
Investor's dashboard
Investor's dashboard development
Digital Forest will develop a user-friendly and secure investor's dashboard for your ICO. Investors will be able to quickly acquire your tokens, monitor the current account balance, take advantage of the referral program opportunities, and other.
ICO technical support
Maintenance and monitoring of a server side
Digital Forest provides technical support for ICO at all stages of its implementation. We enable you with the best possible server selection and configuration, installation of all necessary software, monitoring, as well as enablement of the flawless operation of the ICO software components.
Solution prototype development
Digital Forest offers a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation for companies seeking for evaluation of a future project scale. This prototype can help you estimate the required resources and determine the future steps needed to implement a full-scale solution.
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