Cloud automation

Creating a resilient and stable environment for business applications
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Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing resources that can be provisioned and deprovisioned in a most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
Digital Forest delivers automated solutions based on the most widely used Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies. We design cloud architectures based on public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as multi-cloud solutions. The automation process may invoke such layers of abstraction as containers and/or virtual machines. Reliability and repeatability of the deployment process is ensured with CI/CD solutions.
Advantages of cloud technologies
Cloud infrastructures can be easily scaled up or down depending on your current workloads. That helps to reduce costs during low workloads and to avoid system overloads when traffic is high.
Business continuity
Integration of solutions that provide cloud distribution allows to ensure error-free and persistable application operation. Such solutions and approaches ensure the continuity of the services provided in the cloud and make your business processes even more reliable.

Want to know how to apply cloud solutions to your business?

Cloud solutions services
Deployment automation (VMs, containers)
Implementation CI/CD solutions, that automate the software delivery process.
Multi-cloud solutions design

Multi-cloud solutions architecture design and implementation. Using solutions by more than one cloud provider enables your infrastructure with flexibility and fault tolerance.
Hybrid and private clouds enablement

The enablement of hybrid or completely private cloud infrastructures allows you to quickly deploy and scale business applications and services, as well as secure critical information.
Digital Forest provides you with implementation, configuration and support of hybrid and private clouds.
Technology stack
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