Effective attraction of investments for your ICO

Run automatic Airdrop to promote ICO

7 000%* ROI
800 000  of potential investors
5 mln+    tokens distributed

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Airdrop stages

Airdrop is one of the most effective approaches to run marketing campaigns to encourage investments for ICO.
Database generation

Aggregation of the most relevant wallet addresses in the Ethereum network
Distribution of free tokens
Distribution of your tokens amid aggregated addresses
Awareness building

Instant outreach to active cryptocommunity members
New investments

Investments growth due to attraction of new investors and users for your product
Automatic Airdrop is one of the most effective methods of running campaigns to promote ICO. Airdrop provides you with a direct contact with potential investors, selected according to the most relevant parameters.
What is Airdrop?
Airdrop is a free cryptocurrency tokens distribution among digital wallet holders in the Ethereum network. This distribution can be interesting to companies running ICO and looking for new investors or new product users.

Airdrop is basically a project advertisement aimed at a certain group of people.

To run a token distribution, it's necessary to aggregate a special databases of wallet addresses based on certain parameters like a wallet balance, types of tokens on the wallets and etc. They help to reach out active cryptousers, who will be interested in investing in your project.

The next step is a token distribution among the selected wallets. Automatic Airdrop allows you to send tokens to about 10,000 addresses per day.
Will Airdrop be relevant for me?
Yes, if you are currently raising funds for your ICO.

Note that the effectiveness of investments generation depends on the relevancy of selected database, as well as on steps, which should be taken in advance. Initial preparation includes providing potential users with information about the product and the area of its application, a comprehensive whitepaper, and etc .

Airdrop will also be useful to companies that have already released their token and want to increase its popularity and recognition.
How much does Airdrop cost?
The cost of the Airdrop campaign is based on the following:
  • One-time payment for a ready-to-use database of wallet addresses, or
  • Customized database aggregation. The price depends on the number of selected parameters.
  • Tokens distribution. The price depends on the number of addresses you want to send tokens to, as well as on the Ethereum Gas price at the moment of distribution.
Contact us and we will help you calculate the total cost of an Airdrop campaign.
Is Airdrop more effective than other tools?
As the popularity and competition at ICO market increases, the complexity and the budget of campaigns escalates. Promotion methods, which use standard marketing tools become less efficient or irrelevant, since ICO and cryptocurrency advertising is banned on the most popular platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and etc.).
One of the most important aspects of a successful ICO is a direct contact with a potential investor, which is provided by Airdrop.

*According to data collected by the Digital Forest company during several Airdrop campaigns, ROI can be up to 7000%. When we compare Airdrop to email marketing, one of the most successful tools, ROI in the latter can be up to 675% (according to the Profitworks company).
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